New Year

What has happened: I took the train to M for the holidays, but went back to my city — another M, a very close friend, came to visit. Work has started again and I’m realizing that these are my last months standing in front of a classroom (if you know me, you know I’m mostly happy about this). It’s become much, much colder, and it is snowing.

Two things: First, I have wanted to photograph a part of my bike route and I finally did today. This is where you are when you are riding into the city; on the left, trains come into the Bahnhof, and on the right there is the water:


Second, I read a great book. Annie Dillard writing about writing:

“Nobody whispers it in your ear. It is like something you memorized once and forgot. Now it comes back and rips away your breath. You find and finger a phrase at a time; you lay it down cautiously, as if with tongs, and wait suspended until the next one finds you: Ah yes, then this; and yes, praise be, then this.”
― Annie Dillard, The Writing Life



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